Artist Statement:

My work has its roots in the history of documentary photography. Drawing my imagery primarily from personal snapshots, the work is grounded in the authenticity of documentation, the earnest intention to capture a lived moment. At the same time, through abstraction and juxtaposition, the images are often imbued with qualities of symbolism, dream and memory, which may offer a different but no less authentic kind of truth.

The snapshot, in capturing glimpses of contemporary life, offers impressions of culture, place and the human condition. Through paintings, drawings and mixed-media installations, my work engages with the snapshot toward meditation on themes of introversion and extroversion, family, negotiations of gender, ideas of subculture and social movements, and our relationship to the rest of the natural world. Rich with fragments of narrative, my work presents windows through which to glimpse the significance of the commonplace. They offer spare impressions, speaking to the fragile and impermanent nature of life.

I see my work as informed by distinct and diverse artistic influences. It is strongly related to poetry and owes its sensibilities in part to the tradition of Blake, Whitman, The Beats and Patty Smith. It is also influenced by Haiku as well as the literature and painting of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, folk and outsider tendencies embraced by Frida Kahlo and the stillness of meditations by Edward Hopper have also made an impression on my practice.